Sunday, December 13, 2009

The new Lancer-Waja!!!!

-baru2 ni aku dgr abah aku cite yang proton menandatangani perjanjian dengan mitsubishi yg mengatakan bahawa
MITSUBISHI berminat tuk ambil enjin PROTON yg CPS 2,
jd proton pon,xkn nk bg saje2 je kt mitsubishi,so proton nk ambik body lancer tuk gantikan model waja dan maybe akan kuar thn depan...insyaAllah...

aku xtahu sgt KESAHIHAN ni..
(jgn marah aku ye klu slh)

kite tgk jela nnt sama ada btol atau pon x..hehe..

korang bace jela artikel kt bawah 2...huhu..

adakah akan kuar mcm ni atau.......

macam ini???


will likely be priced at a higher price point than the current Waja CPS, but lower than the Perdana. We’ll also get the GEMA series of engines that comes with the Lancer, though it’s not clear at this moment which one. The GEMA engine is available in 1.8, 2.0 and 2.4 liter displacements.
Other proposed areas that Mitsubishi and Proton are in discussions about include the rebadging of the Persona and the 

as a Mitsubishi in certain markets and the joint development of an A-segment hatchback (a new Savvy-sized vehicle), but when contacted by this blog, sources in Proton indicated these additional projects are at best only in discussion stages only, and not something confirmed.

In fact, an A-segment hatch may not be such a good area for Proton to venture into right now, given how price sensitive the A-segment market is. Maybe later, if Proton gains enough technical know-how on how to build a car cheaply and once it has enough economies of scale to price it low yet make a sufficient profit.
The only two car manufacturers enjoying success in that market segment are Suzuki and Daihatsu, who are experts in small cars. It’s very hard to profit and with the current condition of Proton’s economies of scale, I doubt Proton could create an A-segment hatch that could have the right features, quality and price to enjoy a decent amount of success whether in Malaysia or overseas.
I doubt even accounting for the potential units sold under the Mitsubishi badge could help out there as Mitsubishi themselves do not have much successful experience in that area.

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