Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lego The Adventures Of Clutch Powers (2010) DvdRip Xvid-ExtraScene RG

Lego The Adventures Of Clutch Powers (2010) DvdRip Xvid-ExtraScene RG
DvdRip | English | 1hr 21 mn | 688x368 | XviD 1249 kbps | MP3 128 kbps | 729 MB
Genre: Action

For the first time ever, see the creative world of LEGO come to life in the all-new feature-length DVD movie. Meet Clutch Powers, the best builder and explorer in the LEGO universe as he heads off on his most dangerous mission yet.

Download links:

Download from Letitbit



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Fantastic Mr Fox DVDRip (2009) avi Mediafire Links


It is the story of one Mr. Fox and his wild-ways of hen heckling, turkey taking and cider sipping, nocturnal, instinctive adventures. He has to put his wild days behind him and do what fathers do best: be responsible. He is too rebellious. He is too wild. He is going to try "just one more raid" on the three nastiest, meanest farmers that are Boggis, Bunce and Bean. It is a tale of crossing the line of family responsibilities and midnight adventure and the friendships and awakenings of this country life that is inhabited by Fantastic Mr. Fox and his friends.-

Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Counter-Strike S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (2010/ENG)

Counter-Strike S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (2010/ENG)
Emglish | PC | Developer: Barking Dog Studios | Year: 2010 | 1.66 GB
Genre: Action

Counter-Strike S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - A game for those who love the lifestyle of Pripyat in the game CS. In the game a nice interface. An updated database of sounds of shots. Sprites added to the inactive base SOP (PE) in the game to change the schedule as a weapon in the game STALKER You are waiting for new characters and new costumes.

Year: 2010
Genre: Action
Interface Language: English
Developer: Barking Dog Studios
Publisher: Barking Dog Studios
Publication Type: piratka
Platform: PC
File size: 1.66 GB
Tablet: Not required

Features of release:
-Added new sounds.
-Improved GUI.
-Added the base of the assembly Professional Edition, improved loading system and background.
-Added new effects.
-Added costumes (CT - in the exoskeleton, T - in the form of bandits and conventional Chernobyl).
-Changed the graphics card.
-Updated database. Res
-300 Old and new maps (about 10 maps with bots retard)
-Defense: No!
You can play no (more than 10000 servers), the grid, with the bots (button H)

System requirements:
Processor with a clock speed of at least 500 MHz,
16 MB video card,
operating system Windows 2000/XP/ME/98/Vista/7,

Running game:
Running through DAEMON Tools Lite. cstrike.exe
CD-Key AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA copy of the description (the input language is important)


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Bioshock 2 [Repack - Ripped - Razor1911 - 1.47 GB]

Bioshock 2 [Repack - Ripped - Razor1911] | PC GAME | Genres: Action First-Person Shooter
Developer: 2K Marin | Publisher: 2K Games | Size: 1.47 GB | Language: English | Single Player Only

The story picks up 10 years after the events of BioShock. Jack, the unfortunate soul from the first game, is out. This time you play as a totally different character, a Big Daddy that's searching for a specific Little Sister. It's a tale that lacks some of the bite-your-tongue chaos and panic of the first and, because Rapture is a familiar place now, some of the mystery. But it makes up for that by being more tightly wound and digestible. While Rapture's still packed with lunatics, a lot of what you encounter, from the audio logs stuffed under soaked refuse to the hastily scrawled messages on the walls, for the most part directly refer back to the main events of the game. For the sequel, where there are fewer questions about what a splicer is and why the city failed and more about who you are and what you're doing, it turns out this kind of approach works well, driving the action with a more coherent momentum.

Game features:
- Arms and hit. At the core of the game are still a genetic modification, but now you can concentrate in their hands even greater force. Use plasmid and firearms at the same time to obliterate enemies into powder!
- Disruption and greatness. Grand underwater city made famous in the original game, was transformed. Ocean water as a need to work on it, the dome gave a leak, and some areas completely disappeared under the water. Journey through the majestic ruins will be one of the most exciting adventures in your life.
- Starring - Big Daddy. One of the most fearsome inhabitants of Delight is now in your hands. In the first part you reasonably feared Papochek and have applied considerable effort and ingenuity to cope with them. Now, you yourself - one of them.
- Past delight. Collective battles take you to a time when enthusiasm was still alive and flourishing. You will become a member of genetic experiments and be able to fight for control of some of the underwater metropolis.
- Fight for evolution. In the battles with other players, you earn points needed to get new weapons, plasmids and tonics. Fight for your evolution!

System requirements:
- Operating system: Windows ® XP / Windows Vista
- Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core 5200 +
- RAM: 2 GB (Windows XP) / 2 GB (Windows Vista)
- Hard disk space: 3.5 GB
- Sound device: compatible with DirectX
- Video card: compatible with Direct X 9.0c, 512 MB

download link:

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Dark Void (2010/ENG/MULTI5/RePack)

Dark Void (Eng/Multi5/Repack/2010)
English, French, German, Spanish, Italian | PC | 2,94 GB
Genre: Action (Futuristic veh.)

The story tells us about the plight pilot cargo aircraft, the fates decree entered in the Bermuda Triangle, and then in another dimension (Void). And there, and the same “lucky” as Will, trapped in a void, and the once offended people aliens that were regarded as gods, and their insidious plans to return, and the story of unrequited love, and flying saucers, and Nikola Tesla with his invention, and a lot of things else.

Information about the game:
Title: Dark Void
Year: 2010
Genre: Action (Futuristic veh.) / 3D / 3rd Person
Platform: PC
Developer: Airtight Games
Publisher: Capcom Entertainment
Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian

Game features:
- Holding my breath, watch the fantastic landscapes of parallel universe and participate in the incredible battles.
- Fulfilling a dream, at unimaginable speed scroll through the air with rocket backpack and overcome any obstacles.
- Defeat the enemy, using a unique system of “vertical combat and fast-attacking in all three dimensions.
- Conquering space, seize enemy ships to continue to maintain a dizzying aerial combat with the enemy.
- Save the Earth from invasion, revealing a grand conspiracy and mystery of the mysterious phenomenon.

System requirements:
- Operating system: Windows XP SP2/Vista/7
- Processor: Intel 2.4Ghz or AMD 2.0 GHz
- RAM: 1 GB
- Video: 256 MB GeForce 7900 or Radeon HD 3850 series
- Hard disk: 10 GB

Features RePack:
-Nothing is carved not recoded
-For installation, you 1 GB of RAM
-Setting time 15 minutes!

On the file:
Publication Type: RePack
Medicine: Not required
File Format: iso

Download Dark Void (2010/ENG/MULTI5/RePack)

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Avatar (2009) DVDScr MKV download

When his brother is killed in a robbery, paraplegic Marine Jake Sully decides to take his place in a mission on the distant world of Pandora. There he learns of greedy corporate figurehead Parker Selfridge's intentions of driving off the native humanoid "Na'vi" in order to mine for the precious material scattered throughout their rich woodland. In exchange for the spinal surgery that will fix his legs, Jake gathers intel for the cooperating military unit spearheaded by gung-ho Colonel Quaritch, while simultaneously attempting to infiltrate the Na'vi people with the use of an "avatar" identity. While Jake begins to bond with the native tribe and quickly falls in love with the beautiful alien Neytiri, the restless Colonel moves forward with his ruthless extermination tactics, forcing the soldier to take a stand - and fight back in an epic battle for the fate of Pandora.

Release Name: Avatar.2009.DVDScr.MKV.RM-SiFU
Size: 994MB
Download: Mediafire Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6  
Single Link [Adrive] [Megaupload]

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SpongeBob SquarePants Viking Sized Adventures DVDRip (2010) avi Mediafire Links

Join SpongeBob and his pals as they go on a Viking-Sized Adventure, weather a storm, fill in for super heroes Mermaidman and Barnacleboy and meet Mr. Krabs grandpappy the pirate, guest starring Dennis Quaid and Ian McShane!


Download Link:
(AVI 700 MB)
(MKV 300 MB)

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Microsoft.Office.2010 Professional Plus Download!!

Microsoft Office 2010, codenamed Office 14, is the successor of Microsoft Office 2007, a productivity suite for Microsoft Windows. Extended file compatibility, user interface updates, and a refined user experience are planned for Office 2010. A 64-bit version of Office 2010 will be available.

Release Name: Microsoft.Office.2010.Professional.Plus.RC0.Build.4734-WinBeta
Size: 669.46 MB

Download: Mediafire Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 | Megaupload

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Saturday, February 13, 2010


LOS ANGELES, CA – The internet has been abuzz since this Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony, where Megan Fox jokingly remarked that she looked like a man.
When interviewed on the red carpet, she said “I look like Alan Alda in drag.  I’m a tranny.  I’m a man.”

At the time, reporters passed it off as a jovial attempt to cover for her nerves.
However, today she has cleared the air and 
officially reported: she’s really a man.

Megan Fox was born Mitchell Reed Fox in Rockwood, Tennessee.  From an early age, Mitchell showed an interest in both performing and women’s clothing.  When having a preacher lay hands on him did not ‘cure’ him of these interests, his parents simply put him on the pageant circuit.

By the age of 13, Mitchell had already started a career as a female child performer called ‘Megan Fox’.  Making her debut on an Olsen Twins straight-to-video release, the twins have kept his secret all this time.

As a sweet 16 present, Fox’s parents offered him sexual reassignment surgery, which, given their child’s career, they’d hoped to write off as a business expense.  Unfortunately laws prohibit such surgery to be done to minors.
Since then Megan has been working non-stop, and been included on many Hottest Women lists in publications around the world.

Megan, as she goes by now exclusively, also noted this Sunday how much she wants Salma Hayek’s figure.  She has even scheduled surgery later this month to get it.  After the two met in New York this week, Hayek offered to have a cast made of her bust so doctors can match them exactly on Megan Fox’s chest.

The internet is already speculating whether this news will be worked into the plot of the upcoming Transformers sequel.

sources from:

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Monday, February 08, 2010

accident mesin sosej..weeeee....

hehe..tgn die plak yg jd sape2 yg melakukan kerja2 bengkel yang membabitkan mesin2 yg bahaya, jagelah keselamatan anda k...benda ini boleh berlaku di mana2...

be careful everybody k!!

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010



The French Spiderman took  the tallest building in front of a crowd numbering the tens of thousands without any safety mechanisms in place. Alain Robert completed the climb in only 20 minutes!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

Alain Robert has also climbed the Sears Tower in Chicago, Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, EiffelTowerin Paris and EmpireStateBuildingin New York City .

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

haha..aku memenangi contest design logo for komuniti-blogger..huhuhu...

Ya! inilah masa yang anda semua nantikan. Genap sebulanlah perjalanan komuniti-blogger pada hari ini (semalam 1 Februari 2010).
Untuk entri pada kali ini, saya akan mengumumkan pemenang kepada pertandingan mereka logo komuniti-blogger dan juga tagline komuniti-blogger.
Untuk pengetahuan anda yang terlepas penyertaan ini, berikut adalah antara habuan yang dipertandingkan.
Bagi pertandingan mereka logo.
Pemenang akan membawa pulang
Wang Tunai RM20.00
Isian Semula Prepaid RM 20.00
Sebuah cenderahati dari komuniti-blogger bernilai RM10.00

dan…. pemenang bagi pertandingan mereka logo jatuh kepada!!!!!!!
ini logo ciptaannya
Oleh Mohd Bukhari
Tahniah Bukhari: Sila teruskan membaca sampai habis untuk redeem hadiah2 yang berlambak ni
p/s: Bukhari adalah salah seorang peserta yang menhantar penyertaan terbanyak kepada kami, klik pada nama beliau untuk lihat sendiri antara hasil kerjanya yang lain untuk contest ini.
bagi pertandingan mencipta Tagline komuniti-blogger,
Pemenang akan membawa pulang hadiah berupa
1 Domain name percuma selama setahun
Hosting Percuma selama setahun
Dan pemenang kepada pertanidngan ini dimenangi oleh:
“Cooler Than Others”
Tahniah juga pada Kathy yang juga sama seperti Bukhari, x serik serik hantar penyertaan yang banyak kepada kami.
Jadi bagi mereka yang tidak bernasib baik dalam kontest kali ini, jangan risau dan jangan khuatir, banyak lagi pertandingan akan dianjurkan pada bukan ini.
Untuk pemenang (Saudara Bukhari dan Kathy). Anda dah boleh hubungi admin disertakan bersama dengan butiran peribadi sekali lagi (untuk double check) dan kita akan aturkan penyampaian hadiah mengikut kehendak anda berdua…. (mostly Kathy la, nak nama domain apa, huhu)
Selewatnya sehingga 10 Februari 2010
Terima kasih

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